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January 26, 2022

Recall of PIRANA descenders (D005AA00 and D005AA01) due to a drowning risk if the rope accidentally gets blocked in the blocking slot. Immediately stop using the descenders affected by this recall.

Recalled Pirana Models

Affected products:

  • PIRANA descenders D005AA00 and D005AA01 (see models in photo above).
  • Serial numbers: from 19 F 0000000 000 to 22 A 9999999 999.
  • Sold from July 2019 up to 25 January 2022

Unaffected PIRANA descenders:

  • Previous generation PIRANA (see models in the photo below - Old generation PIRANA (references D05 and D05 NOI)  - Not affected)

Unaffected Pirana

Identified risk


In certain situations, where the user lets the rope slide freely through the PIRANA to intentionally drop into the water, the rope runs quickly through the descender and can accidentally get blocked in the PIRANA’s blocking slot. The user is then stuck, and may not be able to remove the rope from this position. This situation can be dangerous, with a drowning risk, especially if the user is stuck under a waterfall or in a pool of water.

Decision to recall

New feedback from the field since our July 2021 safety alert (modification to the Instructions for Use) led to our decision to recall the affected PIRANA.

If you have a PIRANA that is affected by this recall, stop using it immediately and return it to our local after-sales service via the contact form listed at the bottom of this notice. You will be offered a refund. Petzl will pay for the return shipping costs.

Download PDF Press Release

Download the PDF Press Release for this Pirana Recall

Download the Product Safety Australia Recall Notice


What should I do if my PIRANA descender is affected by this recall?
Immediately stop using your product and contact your local after-sales service for a refund via the contact form at the bottom of this notice.

I am a user, what amount will I be refunded for my PIRANA?
Your local Petzl after-sales service will refund you the suggested retail price in your country.

Has this risk caused any personal injury?
To date, we are not aware of any personal injury related to the identified risk.

When will the PIRANA be available again?
We are working on a replacement product right now. We are currently unable to give an availability date for the new product.

Where is my PIRANA’s serial number?
Your PIRANA’s serial number is located on the frame of the product.

PIRANA nomenclature


Return/Refund Process in Australia

Please do NOT return these to Outdoor eStore, please complete the form available HERE on the Petzl Australia website and the Australian Distributor will be in touch to arrange the free return and subsequent refund of your Pirana.