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March 18, 2021

Released in Australia this week, the long awaited MSR PocketRocket® Deluxe has arrived and we have limited stock.

This enhanced PocketRocket® stove boasts premium features, including a pressure regulator that makes it ideal for all-condition environments, offering consistently faster boil times than non-regulated canister-mounted stoves. Just a smidge heavier (10 gr) than the PocketRocket 2 stove, this ultralight deluxe version features the most durable push-start Piezo Igniter we've ever built and a broad burner head for better heat distribution and simmering. For backpackers travelling fast & light on the trail, or a quick weekend in the Blueies, this deluxe model offers one of the best overall cooking experiences in its ultralight class.

  • Consistently Fast: Pressure regulator maintains stove's fast boil times even in cold weather & with low fuel.
  • Ultralight: Just 83 grams and ultra-packable; expands the menu options for ultralight backpacking.
  • Push-Start Ignition: Fast, reliable piezo lighting; spark igniter is protected inside burner for maximum durability.
  • Broad Burner: Improves wind resistance and combines with simmer control for excellent cooking versatility; wind-blocking burner lip.
  • Light weight carry/storage bag


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