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March 26, 2021

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a prepper, long distance sailor or you just want to be prepared for any emergency, or maybe you are just a humanitarian, then HydraCell is for you.

Basically, HydraCell can provide you with light or power to charge devices without the need for electricity, fuel or even batteries. The best bit is, you can store the HydraCell devices and cells for up to 25 years and they will still work when you remove them from the packet and add water.

Sounds simple, and it really is for the user, but how does it all work?

As power is supplied through a reaction the magnesium core and oxygen supplied through the air, it isn’t necessary for the HydraCell device to hold a charge. Nor is a supply of electricity required to re-energise the device. Immersion in water, acting as a catalyst is all that is required for the device to start producing a supply of electricity.

HydraCell utilises a magnesium alloy air cell that lies dormant until the application of water, which kick-starts the supply of electricity from the device.

The device does not require additional charge, but can provide additional power after the re-application of water. The water simply works as a catalyst for the reaction, with the addition of salty water after a few uses required to maintain full supply.

Here's how...


We think this a great product, not just because it's sort of cool and an Australian invention, or its disrupting the industry, but because 

  • Its environmentally friendly during use and when disposed of,
  • It has a 25 year shelf life (keep one in a cupboard for any emergency),
  • Doesn't require electricity or batteries, which is always a plus,
  • Its reusable - dry it out properly and it can be used again by adding salty water - over and over

There are so many reasons to keep a HydraCell light or power cell in the cupboard, shed or caravan for power outages, bushfires, floods and other natural disasters, if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, the kids camping in the backyard or if you are just prepping for armageddon.

We've stocked up on HydraCell products because we love them, and that allows us to offer some great introductory bargains below. Buy one now and just put it away for a rainy day! or an emergency.

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